Limra Reference Project: Abu Dhabi Presidential Palace

The Abu Dhabi Presidential Palace is a massive luxurious construction and a landmark of the Arabian culture. It is also an international reference project for the Limra limestone, which was used for covering and cladding the exterior part of the complex.

This exuberant project combines the traditional Arabic architecture with the palatial prominence and lushness. After all, this is the second most expensive hotel ever built and one of the largest and most diversified palaces in the world with over 1.3km of private beach, 85 hectares of landscaped gardens, 114 domes and an exclusive marina.

When it comes to true luxury, this five star hotel has it all. The interior is fully ornamented and mainly covered in marble. But the threshold rises even further with the 302 luxury rooms and 92 suites, which are all decorated in gold and marble. On the exterior, Limra limestone has been the elected material for most of the cladding and covering of the buildings. Other recommended applications of this limestone have also been applied in this project, including stonework and masonry in the surrounding environments – staircases, walls, sculptures, balusters and others.

In the present days, the Abu Dhabi Presidential Palace is truly one of the most inspiring hotels in Abu Dhabi and the ultimate destination for guests, which is capable of providing flawless levels of luxury, comfort and leisure. The complex contains all types of services, such as an award-winning cuisine, a fitness and spa center, an entertainment lounge, a separated playground and an advanced technology system.

This emblematic project was designed by architect John Elliott RIBA and built by the Greek construction firm, Consolidated Contractors Company. The construction was concluded in 2005 and it costed around 11.02 billion AED, around 3 billion USD.

Project Profile

Building Type: Governmental/Palace
Location: West Corniche, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Materials: Limra Limestone
Applications: Exterior Cladding, Covering, Stonework and Masonry

Abu Dhabi Presidential Palace Construction

Abu Dhabi Presidential Palace Construction

Abu Dhabi Presidential Palace Construction

Abu Dhabi Presidential Palace Construction Close View

Abu Dhabi Presidential Palace

Abu Dhabi Presidential Palace

Abu Dhabi Presidential Palace Overview

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