Top 3 White Limestones for Cladding

Despite the reduced number of available white limestones in the global, there are still a few types that fulfill the requirements for a flawless cladding project in terms of colour uniformity, finishing versatility and pricing.

The global market for white limestones is quite limited, as there are quite a few types that are actually suitable for construction projects. To be more precise, there are actually no more than ten suitable choices. However, there are still enough types of white limestone to establish a concrete selection based on three basic requirements common to all possible buyers – value for money, uniformity and finishing versatility.

The top three white limestones for cladding that we’ve selected are the Limra limestone, Capri limestone and Cabeca Veada. All of them retain a very uniform background and a flawless colour uniformity, as well as a large range of possible finishings and a relatively affordable price for the respective quality standards. Learn more about each of these limestones below.

3. Cabeca Veada

The Cabeca Veada is a light beige/white coloured limestone from Portugal. It has a medium grain in brown tones and a uniform background. This limestone accepts a large variety of finishings, including polished, honed, bush-hammered and scratched. Due to its excellent colour uniformity, the Cabeca Veada is an ideal choice for cladding projects.

Cabeca Veada Limestone

2. Capri Limestone

The Capri limestone is a light beige/white coloured limestone from Spain. It has a very uniform background with a fine to medium grain. This high-demand limestone accepts a wide range of finishings such as polished, honed, sandblasted and bush-hammered. It is mostly recommended for cladding and stonework projects due to its standardization properties.

Capri Limestone

1. Limra Limestone

With an exceptional thin grain and a very uniform background, the Limra limestone is currently one of the whitest natural stones available in the global market. It can accept a huge variety of finishings but the most common ones are the polished and honed. Because this limestone is extremely uniform in both colour and grain, it has become a preferential type for cladding, stonework and masonry projects.

limra limestone polished

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