Limra white limestone selection for 2019

The Limra is a fantastic white limestone from Turkey, which has increasing reputation and is slowly becoming a reference limestone to be used on a large diversity of applications worldwide.

The Limra is a white coloured limestone, with very thin grain and quite uniform background. The Limra is mostly characterized by its plain and uniform white colour. It is one of the most uniform white limestones available in the market. Its main variations depend on the grain structure and background uniformity. On this article, we present four main variations that quarries in general extract. There are obvious variations from quarry to quarry, or even from within the same quarry. But in a nutshell, these 4 variations below represent well what it can be expected from the Limra limestone during 2017.

Limra limestone – Cloudy (white paper)

This is by far the most clean and with finest grain types of Limra that you can expect. The background is very uniform and it presents hardly any grain. It is so plain that is also known as White paper variation. This is one of the finest and cleanest white limestones that are available in the international market.


Limra limestone – Fine grain

Top selection Limra limestone, with a very consistent background, very uniform and presenting a fine grain. Here, the white colour becomes a bit enhanced, towards very light beige. This is a top grade selection, presenting larger quantities than the Cloudy type.


Limra limestone – Medium grain

This specific variation presents a more medium grain structure, showing some evident signs of fossils. Despite this, it still presents a very uniform and consistent background, plain colour and predictable structure. This variation has more quantity and a more competitive price.


Limra limestone – Perlato

This is the more commercial variation of the Limra. The Perlato will show a white background structure, but very irregular, presenting much calcite and shells and fossils. The structure is unpredictable and with a wavy look. This is a more commercial and affordable type.


Limra limestone – slabs production


Limra limestone – honed slabs


Limra limestone – exterior applications


Limra limestone – interior flooring


Limra limestone – masonry and cladding