The Limra is a white coloured limestone, with very thin grain and quite uniform background. The Limra is mostly known for its plain and uniform white colour, as well as limited colour tone variation. It is one of the most uniform white limestones available in the market. Its main selections depend on the grain structure and background uniformity, but we can classify in two types:
Limra Classic: the most common type, presenting thin grain and very uniform white colour and background.
Limra Cloudy: a more exclusive type but nonetheless with certain commonly used on project, this type presents hardly any grain (very fine) but instead a shaded / clouds structure.

  • Limra Limestone Classic

    Limra Limestone Classic

  • Limra Limestone Cloudy

    Limra Limestone Cloudy

  • Limra Limestone Variations

    Limra Limestone Variations

Extraction area

The Limra limestone is extracted by few quarries located not far from the city of Antalya – Turkey, more specifically north of the city of Kumluca. The quarries are located at a certain distance from each-other, but all not too far from the city of Kumluca.

Kumluca is part of the Antalya region and is located in the Southern part of Turkey, on the coast side. Kumluca is located at about 800km south of Istanbul and at about 600km southwest of the capital city of Ankara.