Possible Finishings

Limra Limestone Polished


This finishing enhances the colour of this limestone. Its surface is smooth and plain, where its shiny appearance highlights its elements. It is commonly found on interior flooring and coverings.

Limra Limestone Sandblasted


This is an increasingly popular type of finishing, where any possible variations of the limestone are eliminated. It presents a plain look, with a slight rough and uniform surface. Used on cladding.

Limra Limestone Bush-Hammered


This type of finishing presents a strong corrugated appearance, with a very uniform look. The bush-hammered is mostly used on exterior flooring around swimming-pools or exterior paving.

Limra Limestone Chiseled


This type of finishing has gained many enthusiasts in the past few years, presenting a rough look with parallel fields. This is a preferential type of finishing to be used on cladding or wall coverings applications.

Limra Limestone Rought


Like the chiseled, the Rough finishing has been gaining quite some popularity. It presents a rough parallel field look, but with more spacing between each cut. Mostly used on exterior cladding.